Baidu Wangzhuan survival

my site named Baidu is really guilty Wangzhuan, Chinese name, big scary, in fact, is a small little website. No one knows except the people in their own circles and their own. The search engine is not included, but is a small website, my monthly income reached six hundred yuan, as a part-time online who is successful. Do such a station is purely by chance in the friends of encouragement also bought a COM domain name, took a big name, is actually a small figure. Today, I put my site’s successful experience to write it out, it can be regarded as a small site webmasters to explore the survival of the site of the road bar.

1 determine the direction of your website. This is very important, if your site does not feature can not survive. The direction of development of Baidu is propaganda Chinese click Wangzhuan money mode, this is a step to every online job earn will experience, so there are broad prospects for development, a way of making the other I do not do publicity, to make friends to provide professional information online. After a year of development, I have a number of hardcore readers, because the timely release of the latest information, so the visit is relatively high rate of return.

2 station to do simple and clear. Like our station is not necessary to do Holi fancy, no one will care about your image. People look at your station is generally straight to the theme, you have to provide useful information. Of course, don’t make it.

3 build your own circle. A circle is actually in building your team, the team determines the size of your higher grades. I do stand at the beginning of the more than and 100 QQ group, he also built a dozen QQ group, the world’s webmaster and earn friends, popularity on the station is also a lot of fire income, no team is impossible to succeed.

4 who will visit your station? This is the key to the problem, only interested people will come to the door, so the publicity is particularly important. My experience is a post publicity, especially the forum like place, but more people play, I sink easily. Two QQ group propaganda, but more prone to be reported, leading to hair out. I think the easiest way is to click Wangzhuan station. Click on the ads, of course people will care about do click click aspects, as long as there is a collection of your site you have half the success. I spend fifty yuan per month advertising, in fact, is a reasonable investment. Kazakhstan.

5 in time to update your station, there is no good station in a timely manner, not necessarily to the offline connection, and so on. A website name plus a hyperlink on the OK. In addition to the occurrence of an accident must be reported in a timely manner, so that the timely conclusion of friends. Update speed determines the number of visitors you fixed, do not be careless.

6 Baidu Wangzhuan profit model: one is to pull off the assembly line, because the update is basically new, you have him, your income will increase. Two is to cooperate with the webmaster, find a >

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