Google search page to add on demand video advertising

Google attitude towards advertising is really love and hate, the annual advertising sales revenue of up to $16 billion Google. But in its most important page – search results on the page, there are only a few simple text ads. The situation will change.

on Tuesday, Google began testing video ads on some search results pages. Google pictures, or the development of an interactive map menu format advertising.

Google search products and user experience, vice president of Marissa Mayer, said in an interview that the change is the evolution of sparse Google page. Last year, Google launched a new search experimental product Universal Search, which can image, video, information and other information integrated into a page.

, she said, the search results page text ads no pictures of the video is more attractive.

initially, the user will not feel obvious changes, because the video will not immediately display. Including video ads will have a " +" a small button, the user clicks the button will see a small video player to play ads. Ms. Mayer says Google will try to add thumbnails of the ad video.

advertisers do not have to pay for the video in the ad, the price is the same as clicking on the relevant text ads. But in the video ads, users click on the watch that requires advertisers to pay the cost, regardless of whether the user enters the advertiser’s website.

this will enable Google to enhance the brand image of advertisers, especially better than the flow of its website. But Ms Mayer said that Google would not change the original intention of the ad to be relevant to the user’s search.

Google, which owns the largest user submitted video site YouTube, is trying to launch video advertising. Currently, the search results page of video advertising is small-scale testing.

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