Google official organization AdSense optimization contest

6 13, 11:10, Haojie network received an email:

dear publisher Hello,

we noticed that your Google AdSense account is further optimized and improved income potential, so we send you this message, invite you to participate in the Google AdSense
Google AdSense optimization contest details:
the preservation before optimization advertising page screenshots (stored in JdivEG format by publisher ID Cadivub******** as Title).
2. reference optimization picture examples
browse more suggestions to optimize the https:// Divage=tidivs.html
3. with reference to the recommendations of the website advertising optimization, save the optimized advertising page screenshot (stored in JdivEG format on the website advertising page links as the title).
4. reply to this message and attached to the two pictures as an attachment, and the text of the message described briefly as follows:
a web site content is original? If not, where does the website come from?. Does
b use web tracking software to study and improve the user experience? If so, what kind of tracking software.

Selection criteria:

website content is original;

correctly filter ads; whether to use and correct use of recommended products;

selection form: Google AdSense optimization expert group audit optimization >

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