Five errors in HTML design in Web Design

1 page background color settings

: great error probability

: lazy / don’t know the possibility to make mistakes

: the error probability is very large

work, modification and maintenance of others "is that many people have homely food, a bad habit:

in the form of text or pictures, so you are to make it on the left, right or center?

when there are many words a lot of content, form, share very fine, love in this way (in DW shortcut key is Ctrl+Alt+C, FP do not know what) people tend to mad, miserable, I encountered such a "headache, why so much & lt; div> to center? Tell me why? Is there no central attribute of the table? Why do you want to join the junk code? When modified nor deleted text or pictures can automatically remove < div align=" center" > this code, but also hand to clear, in the complex "will be without a waste of maintenance time.


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