Network road the 6 major elements of commercial website operation

      website promotion of how to judge the value of a road link, life two, two students in three. Three Vientiane, all by the beginning.

      a lot of things seem very complex, changing, complex, but it is the appearance, in fact, can be summed up, so as to find out some general reason to. These general principles are called "Tao". Commercial web site operations, although the Internet is a new technology, I feel very high-tech, but the same can also be summed up such a way to. The day before yesterday evening and friends chatted about the topic of Web site operators, according to my years of experience also steeped in Internet, the so-called "road network" I summed up the summary, write here, please give me some.

      the first is SALES, according to the website sales of existing products or deep sales profit model, combining online and offline, but to the next line, point to point, the traditional sales model of people-oriented, if necessary, call the sea tactical bombing, a sales staff assessment, take the cash to speak. No matter where the site operates, sales are always the most important and direct source of income. A good sales team is essential, the formation of the sales team is not so simple, summed up is the core elite sales to increase the number of elimination, the survival of the fittest. Depleted sand began to gold.

      followed by Customers service, the user or customer service here is not a simple customer service, but the website of the continuous optimization, to create the best user experience, enhance the site’s service level, and create a user to create the content of community environment, increase website viscosity. Enhance PV value.

      third is PROMOTION, a generalization of all possible generalizations, to dare to do when website promotion use unscrupulous divisive tactics, do not consider the so-called brand, a website without traffic and not qualified to talk about the brand, in the promotion of people’s eyes, all traffic is only IP, the number of heroes. For example, spam website alliance, rogue software, SMS, advertisement promotion, Forum promotion and so on, 2 full-time and 5 part-time to 10 in a variety of ways to stop the bombing, the promotion is a SO EASY that is a quantity to win.

      SEO – fourth is to search engine website optimization, my other articles said, in the position of SEO in the website operation cannot be overemphasized the importance of a normal secondary commercial website traffic from search engines to account for more than half of traffic to the site. In essence, SEO is a kind of promotion, but it is not equivalent to a simple extension, PULL is a simple push; one is the active PULL. < >

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