Yang Wenjian how do make 10000 a month four

my sister network is a single line space, a lot of members with my reaction is too slow. Later, I understand the reason why they are Netcom users, and I am a telecommunications single line space, in order to solve this problem, I am looking for a IDC server.

my forum is using the DISCUZ forum, because in order to communicate needs, I also added a large number of related QQ group. I found a network called QQ first flat-share network (www.01hz.cn), and then I called him brother song. At that time also is retarded and see people first flat-share net name is that he is the first of the flat-share network. So I added him QQ consulting, after consulting in Taiyuan and I know he is a city, and his space is four line space, telecom, Netcom, Railcom, China Unicom four line intelligent access, I bought it in his room.

because he’s in the same city, and he knows more than I do. I often ask him this question, I asked him what the current network industry to make money, then you say that I am very good acting space. He said agents generally have to pay 200 of the agency fees, because I and a city so free agent platform for me. Then tell me, to QQ group promotion is a good way. At that time, I think, I do not want to put me into a free labor force to promote his products, he get the profit difference.

at the same time I do not understand the relevant knowledge, but also not confident enough. To get the agency has also been slow to act, and later I proved by practice that he said QQ group promotion is a very effective way to promote.


really is the most expensive, if he had persuaded me to give him 200 dollars for the agency fee, I think through this agency to earn back the 200 dollars, then certainly by QQ mass promotion, so I can earn me a year earlier in the first pot of gold network. Song brother is a kind of want to help me, so give me the right to free agent, but I did not do it. If he had insisted that I pay 200 dollars to my agency, I would like to have two kinds of cases, the first song brother: I feel this person is not a good stuff, always want to earn my money I do not. Second: I paid a fee of $200 agent, and then through what he said QQ mass do up.

this let me think of my free web site diagnosis, I was kind to help others, because it is free for everyone do not cherish. Then let me think of my this is how I earn 10000 dollars a month, because it is free for everyone to see. I should not the sale price (to be continued?. The next set of passive aspect to earn a pot of gold)

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