The perfect plan to make money a monthly income of 5000 is not a problem

The perfect plan to make money: a monthly income of 5000 is not a problem

— plan and experience a webmaster

According to the

gongbang web page in the "Baidu" search box, I follow the advice in the search for "," BBS forum website "web site", and found 6 specialized collection forum website address, and from the three website home page, choose the 200 popular, the top ranked global in front of the site.

I put these web sites directly copied in WORD documents, the establishment of a file, in order to management

second steps: Registration

after registration, I was once a day, and when I landed, choose "save password settings, save for a period of one year, as long as I do not reinstall the computer, I will as soon as you open the 200 sites, I is a direct landing, after landing, but the tedious (a little careful machine, for more convenient).

The third step: choose

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