The traditional service industry will face crowning calamity Segments of the O2O venture company st


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a brother said: moving, washing, toilet, Manicure…… The soil to the dregs of the traditional service industry is always being optimistic about the "small business", the field of entrepreneurs are limited in the small business level, it is difficult to attract the attention of capital. But based on the new model of O2O mobile Internet service +LBS, so that all services can go to the store, home to the people, the traditional service industry is the result of large-scale disintermediation, who can not keep up with the wave of small business people are likely to face the crowning calamity on a number of services for small and medium-sized enterprises, the Internet giants, they face: they want to connect online crowning calamity and customer service are likely to die, the skin does not exist maojiangyanfu


all VC believe that China’s domestic service industry will appear in a number of billions of dollars of listed companies, but over the past decade, they rarely put money into the industry. This is right. Most of the local service companies to provide non-standard services, business is mostly confined to the local market, entrepreneurs are mostly stuck in the small business level…… In short, these companies neither the concept of non performance, could not listed. There is water, just not too successful, such as spring. In 2009 he invested in the rich overseas Chinese, which is close to bankruptcy.

now, everything is different.

from the beginning of 2013, there have been more than 30 segments of the local service industry has emerged a large number of O2O models of venture companies. The attitude of investors to them can be explained by the rapid growth of its valuation. Angel from the development of the A round, Internet Co generally need a year, and finally up 10 times normal. The trajectory of many O2O companies, the creation of six months to complete the A round of financing, from Pre A to A round valuation may rise 10 times. Founded a long time the company, the valuation of $100 million at the beginning, and now to talk about, valuation is $300 million." 58 city chief strategy officer Chen Xiaohua told the "entrepreneurs", as well as the company told him "no less than $400 million price".

will still have the investor makes mistakes, but the probability of not so high as before. Because this wave of entrepreneurship in a number of pioneers by redefining the line of products, the use of new tools to get the opportunity to expand in the national market, resulting in a scale of income. For example, magic network, which in 2013 revenue of about 200 million yuan. E generation has also been driven by the scale of income. Their experience has proved that the current wave of local service industry O2O entrepreneurial boom foundation is still solid, not playing the concept.

of course, from another point of view, the traditional offline stores, this will be another relay after the crowning calamity. A number of services for small and medium-sized enterprises of the Internet giant, is also facing the crowning calamity: they think online connection and service customers are likely to die, because the new generation of entrepreneurs were connected directly to workers and consumers


local service industry is optimistic about how no one small business, which evolved into today’s tumultuous wave >

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