How to benefit from the Google economy

anyway, Google and Baidu search engine has been completely changed the ecology of the Internet, many of the traffic began to come from the main search engine. For small sites, in addition to the "cooperation" to let their website become "search engine friendly". Of course, there is an own website to provide better search, apparently not everyone is doing well, is a small example, I now online bookstores will search with Douban first, and then link to such as Dangdang online bookstore this up, it is because Dangdang provide their own search usability is not high.

How can

larger companies benefit from the Google economy? It is not entirely applicable to improve website design and enhance their own search for these small and medium sized web sites. For example, YouTube Myspace’s website especially, browse their volume is very large, its also has a good internal search, but cannot achieve the commercial value, this is because advertisers grasp in the hands of Google, could not get so much in the long tail of advertisers through set up its own ad sales team. In fact, because of the high cost of advertising sales team, and therefore can only be bigger advertising sales, and the long tail of the advertising does not match.

in the Google economy, Google is to distinguish do things carelessly, double role: search for users to provide information, as the advertising agency on its own website and other websites advertising. As an advertising agency, its related services are Google AdWords and Google AdSense. Google on its Web site to provide advertising based on search, which proved to be very successful, because advertising is based on the user’s intention to provide a higher relevance, reading rate is also higher. According to the content of other web sites to provide advertising, the effect is relatively poor, single logical analysis, we go to browse a page, not as ready to look like the search advertising. If the Google effect of advertising is also used to observe the long tail theory, providing advertising on its own website, a relatively small range, basically in the head, to provide advertisements on other sites, then suddenly greatly expand the scope of the extension of the long tail. In a word, Google has the benefit of scale and network.

large web site with Google cooperation in the case of two, also happens to be of the following two types: first, in August this year, Google reached an advertising agreement with news group. According to HitWise data, News Corp’s MySpace traffic is already the largest website in the United states. In accordance with the cooperation agreement between the two sides, Google will pay $900 million to the news group in at least three years. MySpace invited Google, Microsoft, YAHOO bid, trying to achieve the value of the flow through the search advertising, which is Myspace in the realization of the basic value. In addition to the value of traffic, it has the community there are more and more value

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