Personal webmaster A blogger Who will dominate the future

      in today’s China, is no longer the original network era, and will not be the kind of bubble economy, I feel our network is gradually on the right track. So let’s talk about our topic today! Personal webmaster and blogger in the future which is better? Which is more profitable?

      1 for traffic, whether it is blog or website, are the most important!

      without flow, also lost the meaning of existence! If there is no traffic, bloggers should write notes, open a website as in the paper, writing and drawing their own ideas! Personal webmaster also know the importance of traffic ~ in their own web site after construction, our most important thing is to do our own website promotion, if your site is good! There’s good stuff! If there is no promotion, I think it is difficult to develop with personal cognitive! On the other hand, if we do the site, in fact, is very general, but most of the inside of a common one, but you do well in the promotion of ideas! I believe he will be recognized by a lot of people! Also formed a natural flow! Slowly everyone will agree with you. Look at the blogger (hereinafter referred to as the blog blog), people know, as long as you can find a good website, feel for yourself, you can find the plate in the blog, blog, I think everyone will find great website to open their own blogs, such as sohusina and I don’t think so people will go to the website that very little even no Alexa ranking website to establish their own blog, why? My personal view is that there are a lot of people concerned about me! Know me ~ know me ~ let me be famous in this circle! So choose a large site! Open the blog, as long as your topic is good, people are not content to attract viewers! Fear no flow! Because the website such as Sohu, itself has a lot of traffic, and in the blog is a part of the fixed flow ~ so long as your good things! Is not afraid of no flow!

      conclusion: blog does not need to promote, do not need to consider traffic ~ as long as your content attractive! Your labels and titles can catch the eye! You do not lack the flow! On the contrary, the individual owners to their own traffic every day thinking! Think about what to do every day!

      2 since it is important to know the flow, we all know that there is a lot of traffic! It will definitely bring you benefits! Let’s take a look at the online advertising!

      take a look at the personal webmaster, I’m only those personal webmaster, those are very ordinary, not already developed those large web site webmaster. These common stations

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