Small jewelry made big business where was the investment of the morning to the layout of the electri

100 million yuan of investment, for the management of more than 10 billion of the scale of venture capital, is not a small investment, but it is the morning of venture capital chairman Liu Zhou chase the project for three years;

100 million yuan, with annual sales of more than about 1000000000 ah, not a lot of money, but its development process is the key step in.

May 29th, Guangdong aiyaya ornaments chain of Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "ah") chairman Ye Guofu told the special interview that I will be listed officially included in the time schedule, the listing is expected in 2013.

10 years ago, Ye Guofu never graduated from technical secondary school, with their own work and earn 200 thousand, opened the first cosmetic jewelry store, then he will store location in the "only sell 10 yuan, did not expect this small adjustment, all of a sudden jump on the rapid development of the rocket on the mouth.

until 2011, the number of stores has ah has thousands of stores, gross profit margin reached 55% at the end of the year end sales of more than about 1000000000, ranking the first place in the jewelry industry, more than the sum of the few companies ranked after.

in the morning after the acquisition of investment, Ye Guofu is considering whether to layout high-end jewelry e-commerce, and in the right time to enter the field of e-commerce." He plans to create a set of design, animation, e-commerce and logistics in one of the creative industrial park.

aiyaya 2010 sales growth rate of around 40%, 2011 growth of about 30%, is expected 2012 sales growth rate will remain at 20%-30%.

but alas, its stores in 95% for the franchise, the franchisee management, is a potential risk of its internal model. At the same time, but also face the impact of the electricity supplier aiyaya parity advantage.

positioning ten yuan shop: parity strategy started

"Oh, so cheap!"

this is a lot of customers into Ye Guofu’s 10 yuan shop, said the first sentence. In 2004, Ye Guofu used the name "ah", registered companies and brands.

long, small jewelry industry has always been the edge of the industry, most people can only take it as a jobs. From the business itself, small adorn article shop is difficult to expand: low barriers to entry, regional replication difficult, fierce competition.

but Ye Guofu doesn’t think so.

in 2005, where only about 1000000 cash flow, Ye Fuguo will be worth to the signing of Hongkong star endorsement, big brand advertising, fortunately, he bet on. In 2006, the number of stores reached 400 ah. In 2009, ah stores up to more than 2 thousand years, the total retail sales exceeded 1 billion 200 million yuan.

"did not buy love,"

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