Taobao five crown sellers earn one million a year

popular online shopping at the same time, online shop has become a lot of young people touted entrepreneurial approach. How to open shop can get much profit? The highest level of reporter Taobao online sellers and five double crown crown seller survey number, net profit of five crown seller a year to reach about 1000000 yuan, double crown sellers are developed into the group management mode of hundreds of people.

to "open" mentality of online business

in the Taobao online, the seller’s credit according to customers upgrading from the red rose to diamond, and then to the crown, finally can achieve gold, and each upgrade also need five stages. At present, Taobao online sellers have three double crown, the crown of the five ladies sellers have 11, there are a lot of comprehensive sales of women’s cosmetics and food, five crown seller. The reporters found that most of the total credit crown seller in more than 200 thousand, that is to say the total volume in the shop are at least more than 200 thousand single.

is the first Taobao online lemon Green Tea double crown shop. Zhang Dinghua, the owner of Shanghai, graduated from the Department of traditional Chinese medicine, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. After graduating from college in 2003, Zhang Dinghua entered a health care company in Shanghai to do telephone sales and customer consultants. Because of the interest in cosmetics, work she opened a cosmetics shop. "In 2003, online shopping is still in its infancy in Chinese, I was just holding entertainment mentality of part-time shop, serendipitously."

also to open shop there are five crown sellers mentality of "bright snapdragon" owner Qi Jun. Qi Jun is a Nanjing girl, 25 years old this year, in 2005, in the third year of college, she opened a shop in Taobao, when free time, shop is to pass the time. Qi Jun relatives to run a cosmetics store, Qi Jun as a source of goods, do cosmetic business, and gradually introduce clothing, jewelry, etc..

"launched" shop expansion of the main mode of

Taobao five crown above the level of the shops have a certain scale, from the supply, sales to the aftermarket, the formation of the company’s management model, some shop also built factories. Many shop is the first wife of entrepreneurship, the development of a certain size to join her husband, "launched" the shop is bigger.

Zhang Dinghua’s husband called Wang Weidong, the friends are accustomed to call them "male lemon", "female green tea". The first shop only Zhang Dinghua a person to operate, a year after the store business quite fire, Wang Weidong resigned from the lucrative financial position of the L’OREAL group, and together with the manager of the "husband and wife store"". Two division of labor is also gradually clear, Zhang Dinghua responsible for procurement and sales operations, Wang Weidong is responsible for personnel and administrative management.

Qi Jun’s "bright snapdragon" is a family run shop, initially they store only fifty or sixty goods, sales of five hundred or six hundred yuan a day, a net profit of one hundred yuan. The operation of more than three years, the shop operating range from cosmetics to clothing, jewelry and other women’s supplies readily available.

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