Personal Adsense to make money another move business word optimization

for a long time engaged in software development, there has been no time to manage the website for a period of time, the software, network optimization and promotion and now begin to pay attention to, then came to the webmaster site charge here. Here is the purpose of course, want to buy a few websites, but did not find it, let me think of some new webmaster, a small time friend. Of course, this is just a friend of time can be considered.

what reason: I was a developer, of course prior to the website quite interested, but just fun to do, there is no intention to do. Over the past year, less attention to the site, began to develop their own small software. And friends of software development (list of Telcordia enterprise search software, interested friends can see) software developed, the promotion of their own to do ah, like the original, a month to spend time doing SEO, do not have the energy. The website ranking is up, down, up and down, do not have the time to spend so, do SEO is sudden sudden stops, the SEO is not very good, but there will be effects, recently wanted to buy a few stationmaster net related websites. I looked at some of the PR 2,’s website also included a lot of Baidu, but the price is low. 150200300, did not find for a long time and I can buy related websites, wondering why, those new webmaster, just want to do QQ station, do non mainstream, make a picture site, why not to rely on business. Every month I do promotion, Baidu is several thousand, so what friends do the relevant aspects of the site out to sell it. Estimated to be beneficial or ah. You only need to pay attention to the Baidu web site to do the promotion, but not particularly popular kind of site, the management of a person dozen should not have what problem, it should be a novice two months do not have what problem, a station to sell 50010002000 no matter what ah, of course this is not to say two thousand and one hundred words, and should be a hundred it is easy to sell ah, two months just thousands of dollars. Moreover, you can also do stand group. Some keywords a businessman may buy a few. As long as your words are of value, there must be someone who is willing to pay. So those who just do stand friends, you can also try to do this kind of site, take some simple, but valuable keywords to do. A hand, two profitable, Why not??

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