Share six years of my shop building Trilogy

Internet began in 1969, the Chinese first contact with the Internet in September 20, 1987. Internet in real life can chat, play games, access to information. With the development of the Internet in recent years, the rise of online shopping is one of its important functions. The author contacts this feature is not yet from the rise of online shopping in 2006, so far, I have been with it six years. Six years to create a personal shop, where I divide it into a trilogy to share with you.

shop to create a series of

I only know that the Internet is

2006 can trade goods, with the gradual increase of China users, I realized that this is an industry development, for the network shopping search site I absolutely ignorant of information on the Internet, careful inquiry, registered in the dark domain, the application of space, I am engaged in high-end gifts at that time take the real pictures, upload information, after a month of day and night, and finally have their own business gifts. Don’t know when there is no SEO network promotion, but also know nothing about this field, just listen to the network operators that can advertise on Baidu, Baidu and so on open account costs continued to do keyword promotion, some keyword click fees set to 20 Fen once in the first row. When online shopping has not been the rise of people’s awareness of online shopping in the bud stage, the advertising effect is only two or three people every day as can be imagined, telephone consultation, I still hold a relatively large customers in such visits, the true meaning of the Internet on the first pot of gold was from the clients Amoy, other transactions less and less. Because the effect is not ideal, and some other reasons, operating more than a year, it is not advertising, business will not.

summary, because at that time the development of online shopping is not mature, their web site structure is simple, the lack of professional knowledge, the customer is not attractive. Failed to adhere to, there is no long-term vision and planning. The most important point is that the packaging will not be promoted, the site is not a well-known business is not good.

shop created two steps

in the two years of silence after the end of 2010, the first time the chance I came into contact with the online shopping platform – Taobao, 2006 my website also once in Taobao opened a shop, but it is Taobao’s business is far not so hot. I saw the Taobao has a huge customer base, and from the beginning of the second new activate Taobao business, this business is the collection of rmb. Taobao is to rely on the reputation and sales talk, summed up the last lesson I first set up shop, store decoration is very attractive, so it is very professional, the guest has come to trouble, with due respect, I have a lot of customer response service is the best, so customers can you lose? After a few months hard, I have two red and green goods back sales first, there are many people every day consultation, income is considerable, is when my business is hot because a customer not by Taobao

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