Kotler marketing theory of personal Adsense profit Road

let’s introduce our father of modern marketing Kotler.

Philip · Dr. Kotler (Dr. Philip Kotler) was born in 1931, is a master of modern marketing, known as "the father of modern marketing, incumbent tenured professor at the Northwestern University Kellogg School of management, with an honorary doctorate from MIT, Harvard University, and University of Zurich, postdoctoral and other 8 universities. He had seen 40 years of economic ups and downs, the decline of ups and flourishing history, which achieved a complete marketing theory, and cultivate a new generation of large American entrepreneurs. He won several national medals and awards, including "Paul · D· convers Award" and "Stewart · Hunterson · Fulbright Award", "outstanding marketing Educator Award", "Marketing Excellence Award", "Charles & middot; Coolidge prize". He is the American Marketing Association (AMA) the first "marketing Educator Award winner, and to date only three times won the" marketing magazine "award for the best paper — Alfa · kappa · (Alpha Kappa Psi Award poussy award winner). The works of many, many have been translated into 20 languages and 58 countries by the marketing people as a marketing book. Among them, the "marketing management" a book is regarded as the Bible marketing.

in fact, one of the most important features of modern marketing is "market segmentation" and "differential marketing".

we look at the development of the mode of Web site, from the earliest "portal", he cover and contain everything involved in all walks of life, the profit model, in order to show, click on the banner,.

Then the

industry portal manyalgorithms Chinese A new force suddenly rises., such as chemical network, Chinese machinery network, Chinese agricultural net and so on.

then is more detailed, the emergence of a small industry portal, such as Chinese fertilizer, Chinese lighting network, Chinese optical network etc..

and then will be more detailed, reflecting the development of the fine differentiation process of the internet. Including industry sites, sports sites, entertainment sites, military sites, are so.

Then the

function, differential evolution is obvious to people, sharing from the early information, to the development of product roadshow, product sales, online marketing, online services, to fully automatic production and marketing for now, unattended profit, more reflects the trend of the difference of Internet development, if we turn it difficult to profit.

for example, we also do the portal to compete with sina undoubtedly yiluanjidan now, it is difficult to flow up. Bigger industry portal, basically have to do, if you want to compete with others, there is no difference in function or use, it is difficult to attract the eye over the form of charges

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