App developers into the jungle users only love free applications

the beginning of the end of June, Apple’s app store Chinese district audit cycle significantly extended, this situation with the new Apple products – OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6 on the market, but more is due to the domestic App application development caused by chaos.

audit waiting longer even through the rate of decline, not only let the original developers of the new iteration and prolong the period of customer service, some manufacturers also disrupt the business plan, as has been in iFLYTEK gem (SHE:002230) the product launch plans are affected. The company’s most famous application is a speech recognition word input voice board.

these embarrassment highlights the vulnerability of the current local developer ecology. In fact, apple iOS share is only 17.3% in the China operating system of intelligent mobile phone market (2012 2 quarter data), the app store has already pack and play, such as the platform of the three major telecom operators have built mobile application platform for investment, far more than apple. However, so far, the Apple App store is still Chinese developers only money platform, and this "gold" is being eroded all the chaos.

Chinese users only love free application

mobile Internet era, the application is king, application (App) developers are the source of innovation throughout the industry. Industry veteran told reporters that China’s current App development field is completely disorderly growth".

related data show that in China’s App developers, profit only 25.2%, unchanged from the balance of 40.4%, there are still at a loss of 34.4%. Moreover, these developers generally low income levels, of which 34.7% of the annual income of less than $10 thousand.

and App announced Annie7 months of data allows us to see the reason: in the iOS market, Chinese area App downloads ranked second in the world, but the total income is only ranked eighth of the world average, each application income of only $0.03, about half of the United States is Vietnam, 1/10 ($0.28). "Many applications mall gives developers the opportunity to display their talent, but we develop products only to others to bring convenience, we get a bit of pride and happiness, Steamed Buns and pickle becomes a problem." A App developer reluctantly told reporters.

from the traditional Internet free download applications follow the free lunch habits seem to be the number one culprit". Finally the successful development of a good App, hope to be able to return, but the user does not pay, which has become a major problem facing many Chinese developers.

"in order to rush ranking, we spent several million yuan to do promotion, so downloads up, can be downloaded and can not change back to the true gold silver, later thought was implanted into the form of advertising." Developer Table >

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