Web site can not make money flow

my site 520 theater, is a thorough garbage station, Marx program is a free program, even the template has not changed; all official website data collection resource repository, has not done any revision; the website included rarely, only Google and search dogs have included hundreds, keywords ranking is not good, only a few tens of iP traffic coming every day.

but wouldn’t such a website make money?. As long as we are willing to use our brains, we can make a lot of money. Now I would like to share with you my unique cheats.

first, first fill the content of the site, the collection is OK, if it is a movie station, then at least every column under the film, of course, the more the better, this can improve the site PV.

two, selected advertising alliance. Garbage station is best to choose the low threshold of the advertising alliance, to pay the starting point of the kind of low, or you can hardly pay. If we encounter a liar alliance, more The loss outweighs the gain.. Here to recommend one of my own website advertising, pay 50 yuan, 9 cents each ad Click, the alliance has a very good reputation, every Wednesday to pay the payment to support alipay. Union registration address: http://s.code.2bj.cc:8899/cf.aspx? 87& lishui520

three, now the site do not flow? My method is to buy traffic, I made a sensitive advertisement on a Chengren site navigation site navigation station, the traffic is large, there are tens of thousands of iP every day, but the monthly advertising only spent 25 yuan, every station to my site iP through this navigation is about 2000.

we go in to see why I know that only the station to the navigation station to 2000IP, but the income can be 30 yuan a day. This advertising is mainly Chengren advertising activities, and my site traffic is from the Chengren site navigation station to traffic, they click to enter my site for a long time did not see Chengren movie (mainly the crackdown, did not dare to put this kind of movies), finally see that some Chengren advertising, thought it was a secret passage of this station by the way, what little to see if there is no new discovery, thus indirectly click on my advertisement.

my ad hit rate is high, 2000IP has 400Ip click on my ad. You may ask, such a high hit rate will be the alliance that cheating, I want to say is this alliance that cheat standard hits / display number, this value is higher than 5% even if cheating, because I am on my website all filled with the alliance advertising, so 2000IP down, PV reached more than 10 thousand, the click rate is down only about 2%, the alliance also often because my click rate is too low, send me additional subsidies, how to, enough cattle.

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