Webmasters should be wary of deceptive advertising alliance means

wrote this topic, I think a lot of gas, wanted to change the topic into the "advertising alliance, you don’t cheat us * * OK?" but I also know that good advertising alliance is many, I can not Overgeneralization, I don’t want to put all of the advertising alliance against.


is really a lot of good advertising alliance, which specifically pointed out, in fact I do not know, I can not put all the advertising do it, this article only to those who start to get our webmaster alliance.

advertising alliance website code, some online, who can take a to change into their own, even if you do not change, spend some money too easy to buy, so nowadays advertising is everywhere, it also grew more and more beautiful, more and more tricks, more and more. Why deceptive means of getting it? Because now some deceptive; alliance more humane, began to let you sink in the gentle trap, cheat you comfortable, emotional, this certainly experienced some webmaster, wait until the end of the gentle lady, what do you call, she ignores you you know, in the beauty Oh.

advertising alliance why lie, I think there is a webmaster alliance started is holding this purpose and what it is not lying to you? What is the union, is also doing, money, or earn too little, the last thought, I don’t earn much, I simply K. You, like a robbery! Well, very simple, advertising alliance leader himself on when, cheated, he can not deceive you? Who will give us the money out of their own pockets, oh ~

a reason not to suffer, but only those of us small webmaster! Small webmaster, do stand, hang up the ad code, non-stop propaganda optimization promotion non-stop non-stop, day to union background optimistic about dozens of times, today rose 1 hair, 1 hair tomorrow rose five a very long, and finally get 100 yuan Union, I x, people say you say you don’t cheat, say you too ugly, say you are not Chinese, K you


tears, can not find a place to curse! (but I scolded, really, a click on the alliance, I added his QQ, he called eight generation, what is not, I just want to hate!!) small webmaster, easy? Who said he easily, who do stand easy, who says we don’t

station long hard?

everybody is to do stand out, you thought I was hard to do? If you do a good advertising alliance, we will hang below the code to do good, not easy to earn money, hard, why do you cheat us? Alliance are mutually beneficial, we only make you to make, let us work together, how good it is, why people call your eight generation ancestors? So for some money, even the principle of life are not


why now advertising alliance evaluation of the site so fire, because there is too many false alliance! Everyone who do not believe!

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