Some Wangzhuan present relatively popular online

in recent years, with the Internet Internet banking transaction volume expansion, Wangzhuan more and more, as long as you are diligent and clever, may earn tens of thousands there is no longer a myth. Now I will introduce a few real absolutely reliable wangzhuan.

1: Taobao guest Wangzhuan project. In fact, Taobao has been around 2 years, although more and more people to do Taobao guest, but the Commission is given by the total amount of natural Taobao is also increasing. So this project as long as well, money is considerable, you only need to have a Taobao account login, Ali mother, gets a PID, and then get one of their own commodity promotion links, regardless of micro-blog, QQ, blog, website, Forum promotion to any form and you will have successful trading in Taobao 0.5%-50% the Taobao customer commission. Specific practices can visit Ali mother website.

2: VANCL Wangzhuan project. In recent years, from the capital VANCL a year than the year the volume of trade, is almost known to every family, but a large part of it is due and VANCL launched a promotional item, if you apply for an account and then promote the alliance VANCL, accounts for one of their own commodity promotion address, through the QQ, blog, micro-blog, forum, website promotion out and succeed in VANCL you will get a certain percentage of trading commission. Specific practices can be searched VANCL website alliance to apply for an account to login.

3: Net Wangzhuan project. At present, people network is also the site classification information network China relatively large, but with the continuous advertising network of 58 city and Ganji, people network can hardly see any TV advertising, this is mainly due to the net has a people alliance, called netizens to help promote the registered users and classified information. If you own the exclusive links through the popularization of being registered users and send a message in a particular category, the Commission will get 1-3 yuan. Specific practices can be searched for the common people to apply for an account landing can be.

4: Pig Wangzhuan project. At present, pig network should be done one of the largest and China good Witkey website. The main feature is to focus on a variety of civil tasks, and to have the ability to provide technical solutions, in order to obtain the benefits of the method. Pig eight quit is more successful, but also inseparable from the promotion of pig eight promoters, and others can promote the promotion of an effective mission, will receive a certain percentage of the commission. Specific practices can be searched, pig eight quit promoters to apply for an account login.

summary, four more than the recommended Wangzhuan project is a large portal, absolutely reliable. I chose to do Taobao off projects, good income, the main is to help Taobao customers to establish their own Taobao guest website, I QQ:398008485 I have a Taobao customer source website: as long as you work hard, willing to adhere to, and then opened an online bank, will be able to sit at home by himself >

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