Zhongguancun Venture Street open street nternet business will be standardized

the morning of June 12th, Zhongguancun Hao sea floor empty hall in a chat with several guards in the blues, the vast majority of the Hailouli Hao Bookstore no customers, like a ghost town. However, in the Haidian Book City Hao sea floor outside the street outside was crowded, this street has been used by the book Street transformation, renamed Zhongguancun venture street.

June 12th is Zhongguancun Venture Street open street, the star of Lenovo, entrepreneurs, garage coffee, 3W coffee, dark horse tour, 36kr and other well-known business platform fully settled, today these platforms will hold various celebrations, who said that the future of this street will not be born a few bat grade enterprise? It is said that the next period time a number of technology media, angel investment platform, entrepreneurship training institutions, creative hardware stores, cafes, business centralized office area business organizations will be settled in



in my opinion, in accordance with the rhythm of development, Zhongguancun Venture Street will become a veritable success of mass production of machines and platforms.

entrepreneurship can also be standardized, process

Chinese entrepreneurship in the Internet industry, often hear a word is "entrepreneurial untraceable the successful experience of others, it is difficult for you to learn here, so Chinese 99% Internet business will end up with failure". But I visited the Zhongguancun Venture Street today, this situation may change.

big deal may be false, I am here to give an operational process example: three technology of male college students after graduation, filled with enthusiasm and ideas, they want to conduct business, but no money, no experience, do not understand people, do not understand the business management, no office, do not understand do not understand marketing, media relations, this time if they go to Zhongguancun pedestrian street, in the garage coffee a cup of coffee, to find a temporary free office space, then you can go to 3W’s coffee hook, find a few like-minded partners, the first team team set up. Then go to the garage opposite the star of Lenovo base, describes the business philosophy, to seek business needs funds and guidance, good luck if they get Liu father’s advice.

project operation for a period of time, there is a certain size, you can go to the next star of Lenovo —-36kr this technology media, to seek media coverage support. Well, almost, entrepreneurs should go to the center of the global roadshow across 36kr, joined the horse camp to participate in the national (oh, is now the world’s) project roadshow, allow enterprises to be global investment and user review, if approved, almost to be sold to BAT such a giant head or running for several years to overseas listing. So, three grass root male, became the young entrepreneur idol.

of course, according to the process even if the venture failed. Near this street including Tencent, Youku potatoes, Sina, where to go, UC>

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