Entrepreneurs should be aware of the public to raise a few points to note

lead: even if you are not going to raise the public, you should also start to raise public understanding of the industry. Raise the public is the main way of financing in the future, all founders should be aware of it.


on the public to raise entrepreneurs should know a few notes

now we browse the Internet every day, we will see new companies in the public to raise the site to complete the financing objectives. In so many successful experiences under the stimulus, many entrepreneurs are beginning to think that Kickstarter raise public website can help them more easily get valuable funds, as long as there is a good idea, you can all the chips on the site to start a business trip. But the reality is that the public financing this way is not as simple as you think. You see a lot of entrepreneurs in the public to raise funds to get on the site at the same time, in fact, there are more companies did not successfully complete the financing objectives, but the media does not report these companies.

Return on Change founder and CEO Sang Lee, said: now a lot of people who have just started to think of the public to raise financing in this way can make them easy access to funds for entrepreneurship. However, in fact, all the chips need to do more entrepreneurs to do their homework, but also has a strong entrepreneurial support network in order to successfully complete the congregation to raise the target. An old saying goes, "there is no such thing as a free lunch."."

whether you want to get the product by pre order a small amount of money or want to get a lot of money through the transfer of shares, in preparation for the public to raise the project process, you will encounter many challenges and sudden unexpected. In order to help you better deal with these challenges, the four executives from the congregation raised platform to share their experiences with each other, hoping to help entrepreneurs improve their probability of completion of the public to raise the target.

careful selection of a public platform to raise

Although all of the

platform to raise public purpose — to help entrepreneurs on the Internet to find a lot of donors or investors, entrepreneurs and much-needed funds obtained from them — but not all platforms are the same, each platform has its own feature, you need to choose carefully. If you just need a small amount of money, then you can choose Kickstarter or Indiegogo, such as the public to raise the site. But if you need a million dollar level of investment, then some of the equity transfer platform to raise the public will be more suitable for you. If you are more interested in the latter, there is a very important things you need to keep in mind, that is before the start of the project to raise the public to raise the platform as much as possible the study and comparison, find the most can meet the one you need.

Optimize Capital CEO Matthew McGrath, said: "in the traditional"

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