Mike V plans to return the website registration starting today

In the autumn harvest season, Mike Beijing Ruiteng Technology Co., Ltd. from September 7th to 9 at the Jiuhua Spa & Resort in Beijing held a "media initiative, winner of national heroes throne" the effectiveness of media, the main site of nearly 200 people attended. During the meeting, Mike Ruiteng company issued a marketing plan V, participants reacted strongly.

after many effective websites competing application and implementation details about. For the convenience of the website for details and apply for VIP membership, Mike Ruiteng opened online registration channels. From now until September 20th, the official website http://s.www.maxreturn.cn/vplan can be registered and registration. Mike will return to the VIP registration website will carry out a comprehensive assessment, the first batch of finalists selected from the list of VIP website. VIP membership application results will be published in the official website of Mike Ruiteng in late September.

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