SNS web game Game Alliance personal touchstone

recently also in the study of SNS, in fact, most of China’s Internet users are Internet cafes user

if you go to Internet cafes to every Internet users in the back for a moment, you will find that most of the users are playing games, confused look, registered game playing, happy farm leisure; children love Moore Park.

is one of the original grassroots game station was born, I was a fan of the game, but the game is not the game player, but the game is my last summer vacation, many webmaster, begin to contact the site, in this year’s time has done 4 games, so I call myself a fan of the game it is not too much……

again do a good job to do a good job to promote the game, a lot of ways to promote, I say here on a few,

is the first promotion methods, to game propaganda people, this method is good, the establishment of a family or guild in the game, and then slowly expand, through a personal biography of a

to everyone;

second is a web game and alliance cooperation, promotion alliance several pop ads, the effect is good, then see Admin5 above the alliance, a month earn hundreds of dollars is not a problem, it is not I stand flow.

is now working on a novel stand, a game station, a SNS dating site, a feeling of a good monthly income, plus a $GG dedication.

SNS+ web game + game class alliance advertising = earn, the current personal webmaster the most suitable gameplay.

SNS in 09 years can be said to be completely flooded, this can not blame the market blame some ignorant and unscrupulous businessmen to stationmaster, here is not named, according to the relevant data show that the SNS website can login at least one to two times per day, so it is more convenient to every kind of promotion and exhibition the web games, and gathered more popular, which greatly enhance its own profitability, product profitability also play a greater improvement, but the traditional game companies is far less than this size, it can reach the current domestic scale is the only Tencent in this company, some people may say that everyone it can also make a lot of money, but with the Tencent than? Tencent revenue has a great leap forward, after all is actually a game which constantly brought the Tencent in leap.

from the above cases we can see that although SNS has been flooding, but if you can do a good job there must be a market to do, of course, the amount of their own users as well as the influence of the industry is indispensable. Perhaps SNS is likely to become the spring of the web game is not surprising.

The last time a few

and customer media communication speed, several beauty recommended me for a few games, let me and my game site classification collocation display, a week after the effect is "just" a quick media beauty who has sent me some presumably that will "play in joint operations with the win for the webmaster webmaster, provided >

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