Development of personal electricity supplier

Hello, I’m Xiao Jiang, after a lapse of three years, now just graduated from the University, after a few months back to go out the practice network above! Remember in high school when the first time to send the A5, now even the account lost! Oh, so exactly, I was a webmaster, not just of course, professional! I also love the "grassroots" this name like


today and we talk about the development of personal electricity supplier". Talk about this topic because I was going to enter the man’s electric road! In fact, for most of the webmaster, and people talk about development of the network, will send a feeling, that is, the network is more and more difficult to mix! Indeed, especially I have this kind of feeling, is the rapid development of the network. Fast to you a month without the Internet, might find a lot of things have changed! Just like micro-blog this stuff, I today to play it, but how can not adapt to the information communication mode simply ignore!! there are many ways to promote the site, so do not need to complete the whole.

said they pull away, good! Return to personal electricity supplier in transition is actually slowly, to go to the large business volume, Jingdong, such as Taobao, Amazon, pat, easy fast, what Tmall

!Only a few

can be separated from the inside, now I only know what one store! Most people only go to the several other people to buy things, the electricity supplier website, can only drink the dew dew! Even not to drink but also There are plenty of people who really is personal business! Development does not go as? The current trend of development, that is, but there are many exceptions, such as the host name for this one, is a separate branch, not to call everyone turned to do this well, is just one example of

!The development of

business can be said to be "survival" and more and more narrow, not any technical people in the webmaster circles will eventually be eliminated! So especially novice webmaster, have time to learn more knowledge of the network to do before Taobao! Now is not good to do! Because now many online fraud, a lot of people have a guard! Do not want to trust small personal shop! Taobao is more and more strict! For example, must open the consumer protection to sell new products and so on…

so my personal humble opinion, now the individual electricity supplier or go big platform is reliable! Do not say first on their platform promotion and pre construction investment is large, the safety alone website is enough for you to drink a pot! Let us directly to these complex things teach large business platform to solve. Do we concentrate on line


today write so much, in fact, what is not said! Simply want to discuss our discussion after all, now a full-time webmaster rarely are part-time!! because the network mechanism is more comprehensive, large-scale comprehensive website involves something more and more, we have a personal small webmaster to the edge! But the development of space is still there! The outlook is still there or how >!

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