Spring Festival this year prices advertising prices do not rise

    Spring Festival prices, a perfectly logical and reasonable thing, but became news, if the price is right as the spring burning, but the price is not news! If the spring offering the multi Niua, absolute bull market, rose every year.


      TV advertising revenue has been the main economic source of local TV stations, with the growing prosperity of the consumer market and TV program innovation, market competition is increasingly intensified, thus showing advertising share growth slowed down, the economic pattern changes gradually, the economic backward areas of television media can also absorb developed area advertising share. TV advertising is rising every year, but recently began to rise slowly, in the advertising industry, TV advertising revenue has been stable at around 38%, in recent years has not put down strong advertising gathered, and Internet advertising in recent years is a straight in the rapid rise of the stage, the writing of network era in the newspaper, magazine, market share has been in decline, but after all, not the market, so the network began to enter the video period, but 06 years is a video, video in a period of rapid development, the future of video website will directly impact the TV revenue, perhaps this is the TV advertising began to limit or slow rise trailer.


    at the same time, the fundamental reason is that television advertising slowdown in network television is the network video, mobile phone TV, 3G TV is to focus the main mobile TV (bus, subway) as the representative of the new media impact on the television; foreign TV media occupy a part of the advertising market share; affected by the national macro-control policy, the domestic real estate industry related advertising on the way down, in that vote, house prices have to rise, in the long run; countries began to put control of medical advertisements, leading TV media advertising revenue is affected, while small-scale growth of automobile advertising, because the Olympic traffic problems, will start to walk at the end.


      TV advertising growth slowed down, will inevitably lead to fierce competition in the advertising market, which led to television advertising market a new round of reshuffle, so the video has become 06 years had the fire of the IT industry, the future will fire you Yue is expected to have two industries, one is video, one is 3G, but now the TV advertising growth slowed down, so people are focusing on the video, the current domestic video station also entered the Warring States period.


The first goal is to create online video

CCTV, so after the listing of the main content is the news mode, YOQOO’s slogan is a video of the users to get news of the window, so while Zhang Yu, a fairy MM what do flow to melt into the capital after the focus on the life of news. The potato is a person

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