Google Adsense to improve the skills commonly used in eCPM

eCPM (Effective CPM) is a very important parameter of Google Adsense, according to this parameter, you can analyze the Google AdSense on your website advertising effect, and to optimize and adjust the advertising targeted, in order to improve the income.

so what is eCPM? AdSense in the help document is so explained:

effective display cost per thousand (Effective CPM) – cost per one thousand shows. From the publisher’s point of view, the cost per thousand shows is a very useful way to compare the revenue of different channels and advertising programs. It is calculated by dividing the total income by one thousand times. For example, if the publisher’s display number is 45000, the income obtained is US$180, the cost per thousand display is equal to US$180/45, or US$4.00.

it is very important that eCPM low channel will affect the entire account, eventually leading to the entire site eCPM low. Therefore, as long as the overall eCPM value, then the overall income of Adsense will be improved accordingly.

How to improve the

eCPM page, the first prerequisite is "need to have enough traffic and enough clicks, if the number of hits per day is less than 100, then there is no need for what eCPM, first think of a way to increase website traffic and, if the site has a good traffic, but the value of eCPM is low, we in the premise of not violating the Adsense plan policy, to improve the site’s eCPM through the following methods.

1, improve the overall site traffic

including the use of SEO optimization methods, improve the site’s overall traffic and PageRank, so that the site is more friendly to search engines.

2, improve the site’s click rate

advertising is not to show the more the better the effect, the click rate is low if the advertising display, the effect is just the opposite, it will reduce the entire site’s eCPM, so that the ad is not as good as delete.

methods to improve the click rate of Adsense is to adjust the position and color of advertising and advertising, "the general left upper and upper part of the hit rate is the highest, the rectangular frame, the advertising and content of the article together will increase the ad click rate (though I am not very love this way). The adjustment of the color is mainly the advertising background and text color, and its adjustment and the overall style of the site, you can improve the corresponding hits.

is another way to improve the click rate is the content control of advertising display, because users will click on the interest in advertising, so the competitive advertising Adsense will then spam domain names are added to the blacklist. "

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