500 yuan a day to tell the truth is so simple

listen to a lot of people say Wangzhuan money very much, I just had to quit his job and join Wangzhuan the rather baffling. At that time I was a code that is optimized for migrant workers, Arabian Nights.

when I was 09 years ago, the first site is the QQ station, when the feeling should be very popular. Come on no matter what 37 of the beginning of the twenty-one. 3 months so I can not tell the day before three months. No gain. I began to wonder if I was going the wrong way. Start charging for some optimization articles to read and master the knowledge of "the first site is required to support the original article, I found that we all love to take advantage of me to write something about how to apply for free yellow diamond, red diamond, some members of the method. 1 months passed quickly. The result is a 10 IP. I have to continue charging with second points "website does not have the high quality of the chain is not Links spiders have good rankings and improve care". At the same time, the spirit of my code began to labor, through the collection of nearly 300 thousand domestic forums, through the preparation of a forum Java mass system. A website is indeed to hit a shot in the arm to 400-500IP/ days. But I still have no profit, and finally let me give up the fragile heart.

I do not have a day in 2010, opened a familiar Ad5 website, learned that the site to make money, you can do Taobao and advertising alliance". It is the beginning of my first full retaliatory Wangzhuan, because young people can not often fail, although people will fail to grow up, but also can not be old in the failure to find that a success. Through more than a year of learning knowledge points are divided into 3.

1 original article is the most important part of the site.

2 quality of the chain and links can improve the number of included, included time and ideal ranking.

3 to take advantage of every IP and PV and find your chances.

around 3 points I also made a small program for Taobao to do a short time.

1 using QQ mass, blog group, BBS mass, mass mail, SMS group.

2 adhere to the original 50 every day, the original pseudo 100. Title must be strictly regulated by the Baidu index.

3 one by one commodity investigation of its customer inquiries and information on the speed of the shop, which is relative to the volume.

4 the Witkey task Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu, Sogou, soso, answer questions, increase your exposure rate.

5 to submit all the support of the Chinese search engine in the world.

The use of 100-200

6 yuan to buy a range of PR Links (add the recommended time to add links, PR value is best not to.


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