Comment on www nb5 cn today

Today, review records, group 2 (34514742) welcome to continue to add!

currently offers 2 webmaster website interactive comments QQ group 1:34289155 (200 full) QQ group 2:34514742 (120)

to help the webmaster understand your website, let the webmaster to comment on your website. 3 pm to 3:30 pm each day in the group of the next (want to develop to the future of the 5 group of people want to help a lot of publicity) at the same time to comment on the 2 will also do your best for 2 reviewers to do 2 free long-term links. Now comment starts    

members to speak freely comment on the record, we announced at the Forum

4 hours 15:02:38

the first cut, your movies, pictures are cut section

add, add your special section of content

outstanding, your features with red, bold projecting    

4 hours 15:03:00

statement, I do not connect, because I stood with his station location is not the same    

picture version of    ?;

4 hours 15:04:22

I is for example, irrelevant to the webmaster, turn off all    

4 hours 15:04:49
4 hours 15:06:12

the first cut, your movies, pictures are cut sectionGood

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