Maximize Google AdSense revenue

we collect these easy to implement techniques designed to help you maximize the potential for AdSense to increase revenue.

1. display ads in a significant position.
placing ads to clear position (web page without scrolling, you can see the part) is more convenient for visitors to see ads, so as to improve the click opportunity.

2. try different ad formats.
page style is different, so you should try to use different advertising format and page layout to match different. We offer a large number of ad formats for AdSense publishers to choose from – you can view each format in our ad format page.

3. custom ad. The
select one on your page very prominent color advertisement frame.
advertising title choose a similar color and text on the page.
for advertising. Select a web page link and other similar color.

in order to enhance diversity and novelty, you can even choose to use up to 4 different colors per rotation.

to learn more about the color of the ad and create a palette information.
4. allows Googlebot access to your web site content.
in order to maximize the potential of your participation in the AdSense program, the contents of our crawlers need to visit your site, this is a very important point. Some of the mechanisms on your site may limit the amount of content we can crawl and use to generate advertising:


if you have a robots.txt file, delete the file or add the following two lines at the beginning of the file:

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google*

after this change, our browser will be able to crawl the content of your site, so that we can provide you with the most targeted Google ads.


if you use the framework of the page, please put the AdSense ad code included in the framework of the content, so that we put the relevant advertising. If the ad code is placed in an empty frame or only in the framework of graphics or dynamic content, then we will not be able to collect content and put advertising. < >

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