Google is cheating to win the title of sentiment some irregularities did not notice the

has been through the advertising task website cheating, put in 58 ad task network most frequently, holding a Google 3-5 account at the same time, before there is only one account for cheating, after receive the money, and their parents’ number application two accounts, then with a friend, almost to the point of madness and that he really became a capable, good webmaster, until a recent title just wake up, that is just a piece of.

is only one of the seals, and the other two no matter, after analysis summed up the following:

do not be too greedy, an account can only put a station

account was closed, a large degree of reason is that I was out of the 58 ad network outside the station, but also put a number of ads. Later summed up, do these members of the station, many are overlapping, that is to do 58, and do other. So if you put in a station, so there will be repeated IP, resulting in the title! Therefore need to select an online high station, rather than some small sites.

don’t hurt cost

more money, think we should save the cost, so the three day IP click, for a day, so the natural formation of titles.

Google audit is a bit, to click together dozens of days, if there is a click on the scale, is cheating, so remember to cheat Google released 3 days, then, with a longer time period IP, Google does not care about. After all, relative to income, investment is only a drop in the bucket.

station to choose a good

some advertising mission station there is a loophole, the same IP may point many times, therefore, need to choose a better station in Baidu and Google, through the comprehensive comparison, 58 is good, relative to other sites, function more perfect.

traffic to

to have enough traffic, the click rate is maintained at 2% or less, generally maintained at 0.2% is the best.

finally say, cheating is not the way, one day to choose other ways to make money, do not stay here stop.

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