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through the above picture, we can find: the most common slogan is the 4 high: "high credibility, high unit price, Gao Yongjin, high conversion rate."".

but any Wangzhuan on the net profits of not more than two months, and soon someone will copy method, information spread, cause the attention of the administrator, put this diary are deleted, while shielding your connection, which is Taobao advertising does not go.

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, if we go to Ali mother community "find Taobao customers" plate, it is not difficult to find, dispensers are invited Taobao customers to promote their products, such as figure.

, taoke.alimama/spreader/adShopDetail.htm, shopKeeperID=15042148& od=9

immediately let you have a mall, to promote their own mall, you can make money!

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I’ve always liked the Internet and I like to study something. 08 years after I registered guest contact, a Alipay, a registered mom started to do. At the beginning of a problem is the first encounter: how to sell things? To whom? I think everyone’s methods are not the same, I always love to play "campus network", so I decided to sell the user, proved my idea is feasible. School network has 40 million registered users, as long as firmly grasp this community, the Taobao shopping guide do, you must have money.


example above, Taobao is recruiting off the "white skin spring flagship store" to his credit in store promotion can see, as shown below, this is a crown Mall:

choose Taobao customers, we all agreed that must be profiteering products, that is, commission must be high, for example, each currently do Taobao guest training are used as a case of weight loss products.

I suggest that new friends do a thing, but also to sh419 search, "push customers", to understand what is pushing passengers. Then take a look at my Taobao push station,, and you see, super simple.

one, high reputation

my specific promotion process introduced to you:

for several months, I have been trying to push the word "guest". One day in June, I made a search at sh419.

sum up >

secondly: we should also look at the overall strength of the store, such as customer work hours, the beauty of the shop floor decoration and so on. Just imagine, this shop three days fishing, two days drying nets, page decoration messy, although the credit looks high, perhaps brush up.


has 2 kinds of shops on Taobao, one is mart C shop, two is Taobao mall B shop. C shop is able to see the credit, B shop default does not show, but in the promotion of Taobao customers, you can see the B store credit.

, when we choose the product, we should first take a closer look at each other’s credit, if the shopkeeper credit is not high, you can not easily hard to promote the flow of goods arrived at the store later, it may be difficult to clinch a deal. So empty.

I think the experience of how to be a Taobao has been countless.

thus lead to a lot of just getting started or want to do Taobao customers but people eager to slimming products, SEO competition is too difficult, then as a guest or Taobao webmaster Wangzhuan what should choose what products to do Taobao

, in fact, is Taobao’s Web site, which helps Taobao sellers sell items to get commission for an online career. The more you help sellers sell, the higher commission you get. For details, let’s take a look at the official website I don’t waste much time here. To add that, you can see in this home page, Taobao’s first weekly income of more than 20 thousand, a year’s income of about 1 million. Many friends feel incredible, but this is actually exist, any industry has top experts, of course, can be sure that such a high income is certainly not personal operation.

but here’s what I want to tell you. The point is that the method is dead, but the human being is alive. That’s why I always emphasize a little bit in the group

here, I want to feature a reminder that the campus network has a very amazing feature called "sharing."". Its role is probably the case, for example, you wrote a diary, once you published, all the friends you can see friends to see that after this diary, he will share with his friends. Once he shared it, his best friend would see the diary. In general, it’s a model of 1, 10, 10, 100100, 1000". I don’t know if I made it clear.

so how exactly should we choose? Just take a look at these 4 slogans.


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