Three kinds of mobile user experience to help you improve website ranking

mobile Internet user modeThe ultimate goal of

two mobile devices. The appearance of the new

In the past few Another important factor affecting the user experience is the mobile

mobile users another use of the characteristics of the mobile phone is in free, need to pass the time, so it is needed to ER for Shanghai dragon to potential target users to provide entertainment or constructive content.

In recent years,


mobile devices is dedicated to the design of the Internet, but now the situation is changing rapidly. Apple’s iPhone series, led to the emergence of a large number of large screen, specifically for Internet users to mobile devices. So now just need to have a mobile network to meet the requirement of visitors — >

first, I want to emphasize is the Shanghai dragon to achieve profitability, then no matter what the consumers through the means of access to the site, you want him to achieve your intended target. For the mobile network, the limitation is very big, not much we can do, so we have to consider how to deal with. For example, a sales staff, he is the first thing is to understand the user in what place, there is a clear goal, he can arrive in time and occupy the local market share. As this example said, Shanghai mobile dragon first determine your target users.

3G network has been developing rapidly, more and more people begin to use 3G mobile phone with Internet, mobile network in Shanghai dragon is particularly important. To understand the importance of the mobile network of Shanghai dragon platform, we must first understand the user experience, because the mobile network, the mobile device is not the same, so each user experience is not the same, so do the mobile network of Shanghai dragon we need to consider many aspects, under the Shenyang Shanghai dragon will talk about an individual of Pu experience of mobile user’s understanding of Shanghai dragon.


mobile phone users with the Internet to find information, always hope very fast to find the answers they need, or commodity information. But attention is needed on a mobile device input is very inconvenient, more important is the user may not spend a lot of time in the search. In most cases, users may browse a page to view three. Under normal circumstances, the mobile search engine to show the user information page is only 6 to 10, if you can not appear in front of the search results, you have no chance to show to the user.

mobile device. With the advent of Apple’s mobile phone people the way the Internet is gradually changing. These devices are full screen, you can slide out keyboard with some equipment, some equipment has a keyboard on the screen, so as to overcome the URL user input and information on the web is difficult. Switching between current device can also be provided by operators of the wireless network signal and Wi-Fi network, so users can have faster download speed, it is convenient for the user experience.

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