Ma Huateng recalled the history of Entrepreneurship QQ and WeChat are caught in the cross point

Abstract: in Ma Huateng’s view, entrepreneurs should pay more attention to the part of cross-border integration, but also to take advantage of the global platform. At the same time, he also believes that entrepreneurs to find a suitable partner to build a team is very important, we have five entrepreneurs in the past is to do together, mutual complementarity is likely to succeed."

recently, Sequoia Capital global executive partner Shen Napeng jointly launched by Hong Kong University Science & Technology professor X technology entrepreneurship platform was established in Hongkong.

at the launching ceremony, as the X science and Technology entrepreneurial platform honorary president, Ma Huateng combined with their own entrepreneurial experience, to entrepreneurs made a lot of valuable suggestions.

in Ma Huateng’s view, it is very difficult to find a suitable partner, build team is very important, "the past is five entrepreneurial Tencent who we do together, complement each other to be successful."

he particularly stressed that entrepreneurs should focus on cross-border part. The reason is that a long time to do a red sea industry, while the new technology in the two part of the industry is often the most opportunity to create opportunities for innovation, it may be a blue ocean. The history of the Tencent is also the case, when I do not know the Internet to do the Internet, do not know the communication of the Internet, so I started the QQ, including the current WeChat. This is caught a cross point." Ma Huateng believes that financial technology, biotechnology, new materials, robotics and other fields have a cross platform, cross industry integration opportunities.


for Ma Huateng to share excerpts:

Shen Napeng is China’s wind industry’s most successful investor

I am honored to be able to attend as well as the honorary chairman of the Hongkong X technology entrepreneurship platform.

a few months ago, Shen Napeng found me, saying that there is such a vision, Professor Li Zexiang hopes to launch a platform for innovation and creativity in Hongkong.

you know, his Sequoia China has a lot of investment overseas, he can be said to be the most successful investor in China’s venture capital sector. The media gave him a title that he bought half of China’s internet. In the past, our Tencent has invested tens of billions of dollars in investment, basically every project will see Shen Peng Peng’s team has been in one or two years ago. So his vision is very unique, but also very good, so I think he is also more reliable suggestions.

Shen Napeng introduced in detail later, I learned that Professor Li Zexiang and his disciple Wang Tao from Hong Kong, out of business, then in Shenzhen developed a new technology enterprise in Xinjiang technology, is currently the global UAV accounted for 90% of the market share of the enterprise. I think this is a miracle, never a company from China to account for more than 90% of the world. I think this is a process of innovation from scratch, there is no market before. This process is a very typical one, which I have seen in recent years

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