Keywords on the electricity supplier website how to reasonable layout of each page

, many commercial website owners are usually in the optimization has to pay attention to the layout of the keywords, especially the front page of the key words, from some of the electricity supplier can see on the website home page keywords deployed a lot, which often causes weight loss. Of course, webmaster want to understand is that the first page of the weight value is limited, if will lead to serious loss of weight deployment keywords too much in the home, the other is too many keywords deployed in the home page, the spider cannot decide which keywords are the main keywords and website is the core of what. In addition to the home page, channel page, content page layout is the same, do not too many words, to put the main keywords and long tail keywords separate deployment. The author and the majority of the electricity supplier webmaster exchange, keywords how to reasonable layout of each page.


for example, the main keywords and target keywords, to layout in the first page of this word, because the home page weight, if the target keywords on the home page can be directly brought to the site target user. And the long tail keywords fit in the channel page, content page, when ZhengZhan weight increase, these words can be brought to the site of natural good flow.


two, home page, channel page, inside pages

first, different pages to different keywords. I believe that the electricity supplier website webmaster should be able to understand, there is a saying: "fish for fish and shrimp, looking for" don’t let the fish find "shrimp", so from this sentence we can see the different pages to deploy different keywords, and not only to optimize the home page, the author found that during this period of time for optimization, many small electricity supplier website optimization in the home page, other pages did not go to the optimization, this is a disadvantage for the website, the website to know the channel page, content page is also need to deploy keywords and optimization, are often bring traffic to the site of the content page, and in the conversion rate is higher than that of the home page.

This phenomenon can be seen from the

then, we look at the home page, channel page, content page keywords layout. The above said, a different page corresponding to different keywords, but also when it comes to the home page, corresponding to the target word long tail word corresponding channel pages and content pages. Then the author first for the home page, the home page keyword number not deploy too much, generally 1-3, can be extended into a natural keywords >

, a different page corresponding to different keywords

recently, the author in a small business website optimization of the glasses industry, the author found in the optimization process, there are many small business website deployment in the keywords of a serious problem, of course, this is not happening in the large electricity supplier website on the body. The problem for small electricity supplier website may be security risks, from the top, included, competition may have an impact, so I think you want to remove this security risk, we must improve the deployment of key words in the site, such as going to a reasonable layout of home page, channel page, page in the key words.

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