Analysis of 2 problems often encountered in the design of the URL address to a different point of vi

question: whether we should unify the URL address

this problem I think most of the Shanghai dragon Er are met. Many people will think of the URL address in the design should not www URL address redirected to WWW, or vice versa, the unified entrance. In the webmaster blog blog is also very famous Lu Songsong will take www URL address redirected to WWW without URL. Why do you want to do? The answer is to retain the weight of unified entrance can be very good, so that the weight of more concentrated.

love www without the URL address of the page in the sea return code is 200, this is a normal access code, do not jump 301. So some people may doubt, since it is not a jump, so what is the method to preserve the site’s weight? For this I think that as long as we use the preferred domain search engine can identify which one page is we want to see the home page of search engine. The weight of this page to the search engine will naturally higher, the preferred domain use also can prevent site is people "mirror".

We can see the

dynamic URL address and contains the relevant variables and parameters must not


is so so? The author’s point of view is different, visitors to a URL address during a visit to a web site when habits are different, some visitors do not love to play www. All the visitors but the ultimate goal is the same, that is to visit this site, if you put a visitor into the URL address of the abrupt jump to the other address, we can say that this is contrary to the wishes of visitors access to a certain extent. This is contrary to the friendly user experience. While standing in the search engine’s standpoint, the user experience is preferred. So for this area of WWW and WWW without love, Shanghai search is how to deal with? As shown in figure

friendly? ?


we know that there are many factors affecting the quality of site included rankings, and websites such as the content of the speed, structure, URL address of the site structure and so on. Many of the details will have an impact on the day after the optimization of the site, so we in the site design will always think from various aspects. When you encounter these problems, we tend to be related solutions obtained from various sources. But these predecessors advise us whether it is suitable for our site? The author thinks otherwise, some problems still need to have their own ideas, not excessive blindly. The author will analyze 2 problems we encountered in the site of URL in structural design from a different viewpoint.

Question two: use

the traditional concept, many Shanghai dragon Er think URL address static or pseudo static on the >

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