The application of governing a large country is like cooking a small fish in the network promotion

Diners flow

there is an old saying says, "governing a large country is like cooking a small fish, I appreciate this sentence, on a personal point of view, this sentence as a rule can be said to be universally applicable, the details determine success or failure, is the truth, do not do good hours where the event it. Here is to introduce some big site officials push some small details, I hope you can help us learn together and progress.

in the shop early unknown circumstances, the propaganda work is particularly important, some use of advertising, some use of celebrity, and the flyers on the outside, etc.. If this website promotion is put in the external links, reasonable and efficient external links, Links can make a lot of external personnel into their own websites, improve the visibility and weight. To find a high quality Links is equivalent to the celebrity, greatly improve your visibility, we must use this method a lot.

a restaurant, largely by the quality of the food to decide, will determine the customer stickiness and return rate of your food delicious, nutritious, this point in the promotion of the website is the content of the website, your content of high quality, high degree of originality, by the nature of the tourists will be affected by the search engine welcome, this is completely no doubt, so, want to do a dish, want to do website, content quality should be put in an important position.

a hotel decoration success there is merit, imagine the environment beautiful, eat too comfortable, this point corresponds to the UI of the website, which is user experience, your website looks beautiful, simple and elegant, high degree of user experience, will naturally be very popular.

, a "little fresh cooked" store


four, "little fresh cooked" external propaganda

three, "cooking a small fish in the store decoration

if a dish do no good, no one to taste, this dish will lose its value of existence, as a tasty dish, itself would be sad, love in Shanghai these big search engine, can surmount the home feng shui words, natural effect not to say that the search engine home page also became the optimal military stores a hotly contested spot.

two, "little fresh cooked" food quality

here is a simple extension to do a small summary, of course, there are many ways of promotion, this is not the only one, so we still need to go to a lot of attention and study, this paper by love, second-hand construction machinery 贵族宝贝 first A5, reproduced please keep the source, thank you.

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