The idea of plagiarism entrepreneurs have become VC unspoken rules

Abstract: don’t forget, that is a not essential business plan for you, is all his might for entrepreneurs.

in recent years, venture capital industry explosive development, all kinds of people that have reached the venture capital industry, just a venture capital fund has dozens of investment managers, most of these people are not risk investment experience, the character is to bring the negative influence of uneven in quality, the industry is emerging, which is the worst plagiarism entrepreneurial business plan, creativity and technology.

see a lot of people here are not convinced, venture capital is a noble cause, how they are professional, occupation morality, don’t covet this interest and damage to his reputation. Haha, don’t worry, listen to me slowly.


Article 1: investors from different venture capital organizations communicate with each other about the business plan of an entrepreneur (like a group of men who share a woman’s body with a mind that can’t be said)

if you don’t believe, you can look at the contents of the media investors open, they often put the entrepreneurial plan book to interact with each other, the reason is to make friends, colleagues or experts participate in detailed reference, look at this business plan there is no investment potential, the reference can be complex and as long as the investor is willing to, he can give colleagues, colleagues, relatives, friends and experts to participate in detailed, even you don’t know what antecedents people to refer to, even if investors have no idea what, maybe refer to these


second: investment managers often start their own business (just like the former state-owned factory managers who eventually turned into their own factory)

currently active in nearly thirty thousand of the risk (angel) investors and related practitioners, these people every day watching others venture financing, tens of billions of dollars or sometimes decide to invest, you said he would not be tempted? So that managers own business is too easy, one hand is ready the business plan, one hand is venture capital, how, who can stop the demons? You bet your business not inspired by the entrepreneurial business plan? If not, then why did you want to veto this business plan


third: put all the risks and legal responsibility to the entrepreneur (as in the previous overlord terms)

all the venture capital institutions and investors have a repeat of this norm, you give me a business plan I have no obligation and legal responsibility for your confidential, if you send a confidentiality clause covering the investor’s business plan and the mail, then we will not read, this is how niubable industry rules. He is a party of interest, but does not need to bear any legal responsibility, I estimated that even the state-owned monopoly enterprises now will not develop such a despot clause, because the country’s overall progress so they know how to do things to have a fig leaf. And our >

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