The flow of the site keywords layout detonated 2 operating strategy

this is a web site’s home page title "XX second-hand furniture, Guangzhou second-hand office furniture market". Where XX is the site of second-hand furniture brand, so it is the key word of second-hand office furniture. Since we already know the core keywords of a website, so how to layout the keyword column? We see then. You can think of it this way, the column is the core keywords keywords extension of demand, that I can not be the second-hand office furniture in detail.

so to the website of the text should be how to layout? Here is not a specific article, but a text page home page, column page text page. Since each product columns are focus on the key words, then we can get the most of the users are most concerned about love. In the first place, and then turn on in accordance with the sales or user attention degree. Of course, not necessarily in this way, we should combine their own situation to analyze. Or take this website as an example.

first for operation strategy, in terms of space structure should be clear, the structure of a web site also said that before the dust is very distinct from top to bottom. What do the core keywords, then the column is the home of the core keywords next level keywords, or is it the demand of words. For a column inside the content page, is the specific requirements. Here we have a website through specific cases analysis.



dust today for everyone to talk about layout keywords ranking operation strategy, since it is the operation strategy, that is to carry out a layout based on the principle of. For example, there are some basis, according to the basis of good operation.

can be seen above each column is the word used office furniture to the next level of keywords, that is to say whether the second-hand second-hand or second-hand bookcase chair, conference table, these are second-hand office furniture. We open a specific column, see is a product, in fact, these products are all around the keywords. Of course, each keyword contained in the product, belong to the secondary screen this column to the next level of keywords. Some students may feel around, the dust is a simple metaphor. We usually eat fruit is not a large area in the fruit can be divided into the following is not the apple banana pear. So Apple has many varieties, such as Fuji, red delicious and so on. A hierarchical structure of the site is also such a level down, no matter how points are around a core. This layout allows users to find the content they want in each column, and can improve the column rank of keywords.

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