Popular Shanghai dragon cheating technology Daquan

site navigation and exchange links to link farms, their site itself without substance, is the search engine that is link farms. Link farms is a typical Shanghai dragon cheating.

5, link farms for external links.

Shanghai dragon, is often said that the search engine optimization, network marketing is more popular in recent years, the main purpose is to increase the exposure of specific keywords to increase website visibility, thereby increasing sales opportunities. As we all know, since that is the case, then use Shanghai Dragon technology began operation optimization. However, for the Shanghai dragon operation optimization should also have a degree of the problem, if the operation is over, will be search engine that you are cheating, it does not have good rankings, will receive the punishment of the search engine. Next, we look at what Shanghai Longfeng optimization operation will be considered cheating in the search engine optimization method.

4, the hidden text and links

content is king, the chain for the emperor, so Shanghai dragon Er crazy increase web site outside the chain, mainly through posted on various blogs on the site some rubbish and then put on their website links, or comments in some comments on the website can bring their own keywords and Web links to get more import links. Now the search engine of this cheating judgment is relatively mature, but I think for the most commonly used for access to Shanghai dragon Er chain is this way.

hidden place lots of text and links on the web page, visitors can not see the hidden text and search engines can take to climb, so as to deceive the search engine on the web keywords judgment. The hidden text and links the Shanghai dragon cheating is different from the Cloaking- cover and keywords stack, but also may lead to your site search engine sealed off, so we should pay attention to avoid.

By means of In As the saying goes,

stack is most likely to Shanghai dragon beginners often make the mistake, in order to increase keyword density, often in the title tag, description of a large number of repeated Keywords tag, keyword tags, image ALT attributes, sometimes even dozens of key words in the page footer section display, this is cheating on a typical Shanghai dragon.

1, keyword stuffing.


this method is to use the refresh tag >


this is a very common method of cheating, mainly through the application domain while many points to a website, if every domain has different content is not much problem, but if each of your web content are the same, this is considered a means of cheating. Once found, will be like Shanghai K off.

2, GF mass outside the chain tool.

3, domain name bombing techniques.


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