Content entrepreneurship this year traffic winners and pay for the future

Abstract: the driving force behind the content of entrepreneurship is not limited to the flow of the right to change the distribution, but also to create conditions for the new business model to bring the imagination.


this has been going on for more than a year, the content of entrepreneurial boom, the engine behind its power is not limited to the process of redistribution of traffic, but also in the process can create conditions for the birth of a new business model. Such an imagination, enough to allow the content of the entrepreneurial Legion winners become the first wave of consumer upgrades beneficiaries.

"content" traffic value is repositioned

When the

in search of this wave of entrepreneurship now called content origin, can hear many different points of view, the capital for outlet, the adjustment of industrial structure, the transformation of media talent outflow, and so on, in fact, this wave of enthusiasm, to a certain extent can also be seen as content due to the high price of flow than become bearing re position in the market results.

first, the pattern of competition in the Internet spawned the prosperity and freedom of the content industry.

distribution change is essentially a right shift, making strong content of the attention economy can achieve a more favorable than the previous results in the negotiations with the channel based on the selective increase is the basic reason.

if the domestic Internet as a simple structure of Pyramid, the bottom is the basis of the entrance of the BAT, the middle is a variety of vertical fields and different forms of media oriented secondary entrance, the top is the content.

we will find that now the content of entrepreneurship, it can be said that 10 years ago in the PC era "Preview" once: bean was founded in 05 years, 07 years in the Sina blog traffic channel of sina of the first snow in 08 years, boosting the rise of "making" the Olympic group, etc..


was still dominated by UGC, the capital, is not optimistic about the creator is not professional, tool suck, so the tide.

into the so-called mobile Internet, want to become a new foundation for the entrance of the APP broke the melee, and finally WeChat win. At this stage, WeChat public platform, micro-blog have had good content creators group move, so that the latter has a certain degree of freedom, but the media richness is not much higher than the PC era.

and after the scale effect, the two platform to attract the cost of content producers fell sharply, at the time, can not eat meat but had to be a true portrayal of the mentality of many content creators. The accumulation and release of the value of content is a serious constraint in a flow distribution system that lacks sufficient secondary entry competition.


(secondary entry cycle of competition is the basis for the content of entrepreneurship boom)

mobile Internet in the second half of the opening whistle sounded, the entrance of the fight for heating up, a variety of vertical communities, audio, >

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