The four are being punished Google Brand Company to learn from failure

at the beginning of 2011, Overstock贵族宝贝 rose at an alarming rate. What is the reason? The reason is because the company decided to link to their site of the edu domain of university student discount. Later, Overstock claimed that this is just a encourage students to its website shopping policy, but Google does not buy it. After all, the company Google student connection cannot contain a "double bed" gift "blue" key link. In addition, Google’s algorithm is very trust domain name.Edu. When the Overstock activity after many paid links still exist. This Google were punished for it. The ranking dropped to fifth and sixth.

3:JC Penney

has been very easy to believe that Google will punish those who not only copy what small website. However, Google punish the realistic target but also some large Brand Company website.

1: BMW


if you have your own blog or website has received Google punishment, you’re not alone. Even large companies will also receive the punishment of Google. You only need to do a little research, carefully.

large luxury car price tag also cannot solve Google’s anger when Google found that BMW, Germany ( was found entrance hidden text and web portals, and with the keywords to improve the practice of filling flow. Google made a little time to punish the developers made a lot of time to do. Imagine, when they wake up in the morning they found high-profile site PR into 0 surprise. The BMW company to correct the problem, Google on their website is normally included.



2008, Newsday贵族宝贝 PR reduced from 8 to 5. because Google think they transfer the PR value of the sales link. Google has clearly said that any website to operate the search engine rankings for the purpose of buying and selling links will lose its credibility in the search engine ranking.

department store can destroy Google’s rules? Obviously, he did a lot of. Shanghai dragon black hat technology JC Penney apparently used to improve their notorious repute product ranking in the search results. It happened in the 2010 holiday shopping season, JC Penney hired Shanghai Longfeng consultants to stimulate sales. The original intention is not very pure, then use the method of Google JC Penney finally unhappy, fuzzy search product search results in the rankings after one hundred.

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