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book "Shanghai Dragon Art", saying that this book is just in love with small Shanghai Webmaster Platform LEE recommend, although Shanghai and the other dragon books less than feeling content, but in reality has introduced a lot of theory knowledge, let Xiaobian eye-opening deep, laments that Shanghai dragon art really is a little too much. At the beginning of 2015, the "Shanghai" of the original author of the art of dragon and Phoenix Rand Fishkin released the "2015 Shanghai Longfeng guide" in his blog, believe that many students will suffer from English slag, tired sigh over the wall to see. But Never mind! Love Shanghai webmaster invited English leverage College Ma Jun teacher, Ma Jun teacher is not only the translation of the original, also added their own understanding and view. Here we recommend this to the webmaster friends, hope you can "succeed" in the Shanghai dragon, "The Legendary Swordsman":


Rand introduced a concept called bars (pogostick). It means that when a user clicks on a search result and then immediately click the back button and then click on the browser, a result of the site and stay there. This is a signal – you do not provide users want to find content or provides a bad experience for search engines. If this happened many times will let you in the search engine rankings decline rapidly.

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Rand Fishkin can be said to be Shanghai dragon circles the big figures, he not only is the co-founder of MOZ, and is the "art" of the Shanghai Phoenix Co authors. Shanghai dragon circles if Rand said they were second probably no one dare to call (if Ma Jun: MattCutts will not go to fight under the title). Rand Fishkin in the 2015 Shanghai Longfeng provides a guide for everyone at the beginning of the new year, the Shanghai school invited owners love to share with you. The famous KissMetrics blog also conducted in-depth interpretation. I will take this as the foundation to introduce the essence of the article you need to focus on 2015 in Shanghai Longfeng areas.

can do so because they have a large number of users to provide the signal for them, including massive users in Chrome and Android. RandFishkin said: "you have to know that in the past 5, 6 years, Chrome has become one of the leading browser market, Android has become a leader in the mobile operating system. Therefore, compared to 5, 6 years ago, Google can have multiple data to compare the difference. This is because if you can provide a very good experience, you will have a good performance in the search engine."

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