Four steps to help customers quickly determine whether Taobao keyword optimization value

is a Taobao keyword optimization can be transformed off rapidly improve the site’s rate, now many Taobao customers because the conversion rate is not high but not always insist on doing down, most of them think Taobao guest website is difficult to do, the degree of difficulty. In fact, for the conversion rate, the most critical factor but not the other keywords, users through a keyword search into the site, may be the words themselves do not have to buy the meaning of the website no conversion rate. Then in the Taobao customer promotion website optimization, select keywords optimization is the only way to improve the conversion rate, such as Taobao keyword off a common weight loss drug list of the top ten, the most effective weight-loss drugs, these words themselves do not have to buy the meaning, how could there be a conversion rate since no? The conversion rate optimization up what meaning? So, Taobao customers to choose keywords, to determine whether the optimization value of keywords.

said, Taobao keyword choice when only use love Shanghai index and search, only through the two methods of determining the site keywords. In fact, so for their own master keyword optimization is not good. Relatively speaking, some key words flow in Shanghai love index may be less traffic, but on the front page of the website ranking is a lot of links, and such key words even if you can only be on the home page optimization promotion website links robbed flow, can enter the website traffic rarely. There is a home if you do not analyze the website ranking, even a few key words flow, but the home website is a top-level domain, then the optimization difficulty but many. Therefore, in determining the keywords can be optimized, still need to analyze the first.

normally, Taobao keyword choice must have a certain flow, after all, traffic can prove that the user search keywords, only users search words will produce the conversion rate. So, Taobao customer optimization in determining the key words, first need to determine whether the keywords natural flow, through the key words copied to the related tools in the query flow, Chengdu talent network here to remind you that, look at the key words flow not only when a month ago, to see the long-term. To determine how the keywords natural flow, if it is sometimes no, that such words may be artificially out of the brush. In the choice to analyze. For the keyword if there is traffic, in fact for all sites are the key words after all didn’t flow even optimization up to also do not see what, if their own words, then no pre flow is understandable, but for Taobao customers, to create their own keywords but to create their own brand. In general, it is very difficult to achieve. So, to determine the optimization of key words, the key is to see whether the steady flow, flow, flow to the accuracy of the.

According to the Chengdu talent network

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, a keyword flow is stable

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