About love Shanghai to restore the site without giving some guess ranking

2. love Shanghai to test the new algorithm

love Shanghai algorithm in the end is what kind of, only love.


of the site above is the Wuhan Shanghai Dragon Yu Dou interception, everyone can see, a week included and website snapshot reflects the love of Shanghai has returned to the site, but the site search keyword can be found before one hundred are no more than Wuhan, Shanghai dragon hand fighting a lot of this site is this, of course, there are also individual cases:

Gabriel no harm!

above the screenshot you can see, this site is restored, restored gave weight and ranking, keyword search for this website basically in the first two pages, and other sites to recover is different! Love Shanghai why this site recovery is not given ranking, many webmaster forum are given their views, 100 Qi said, each one airs his own views, Wuhan Shanghai Dragon Yu bucket also saw a lot of this post, summed up the views on love Shanghai to restore the site without giving some guess ranking, I hope all of you help thinking about this strange phenomenon:

from the beginning of June, Shanghai love began large-scale blow the low quality sites, not statistics how many Adsense on the site was hit off, is really rubbish site or, or " collateral damage " or, there are still many webmaster to Shanghai dragon, believe love Shanghai there will be a day to give yourself a fair, Wuhan Shanghai Dragon Yu bucket too, insist on nearly half of this month, about 16 in the hands of K stood almost completely restored, individual snapshot of stagnation does not affect what, to the webmaster forum that we are discussing this issue, at the same time, also found another strange place. These stations have returned, but just a snapshot and included only, love Shanghai has not given any keywords ranking.

1. Shanghai dragon traces too obvious

site is K, most people feel a spectrum, love Shanghai the flies do not hover eggs, if it is a regular station, without any optimization, without any involvement in the ranking of the desire of the station, was found in Shanghai included love time may be relatively long, but once included, Shanghai will not love frequently punish the station, because the love of Shanghai has its own algorithm, come to this station is a non optimal station, then treat the non optimal station’s attitude is not the same. In view of this, after being punished by the love of Shanghai station is bound to re release is to determine the optimal station, the short term will not give a high ranking, this time to do is stop optimization methods, to engage in the construction site, the original information, to attract users to access, in the course of time, the love of Shanghai should be based on the user the visit marks to determine whether a site for their high ranking, this time how long, we do not know, just a guess, but I think Wuhan Shanghai dragon fighting whether this idea is right or wrong, is feasible, because it is a website for any

The basic situation of the recent recovery in the

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