Website optimization has not rankings you have to consider the following factors

as everyone knows, website optimization to get the weight and keywords ranking is every ER in Shanghai Longfeng diligently pursue things, as a webmaster we can’t just let the subjective to the optimization of our site, in the process of Web site optimization is the following details of what we should focus and attention, good gossip, short continued. In today’s topic, website optimization can not improve the ranking you have to consider the following factors

second, website content is in a perfunctory. We know that many webmaster see others updated articles or false original article, oneself also complacent used copy, not only this is why others can be false original on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, because other sites may be the portal site for long time, high weight, which is a false original article will be better included, while he is just a small business station, the content included no and others that you and others together, using the same article construction did not die?

fourth, the web server is often downtime. Many webmaster above points will down-to-earth execution, but found that the result was not satisfactory, especially the novice webmaster all at sea puzzled, in fact the details on this web server stability, many people did not see the habit of log, server downtime if they do not have the habit of checking the log is hard to detect so, I suggest, often check the server logs to find these hidden influence ranking killer, for the website ranking drop, we can be aware of.

fifth, your keyword competition and its own resources, whether. Most of the time can not get the site keywords ranking, the author thinks that the key reason is that the keyword selection problem in the choice of keywords when possible for the optimization of industry boss is not clear, but for their own products and industry is very clear, can directly select the popular word as optimization keywords, many times Shanghai dragon Er last ditch bite the bullet and carry the dead down, but finally found that since.

third, the construction site outside the chain when insist for a long time. We know that after the new content included we will have to spend time looking for high quality website chain, specifically every day to make the chain construction detailed planning for the site, such as the chain blog, classified information platform outside the chain, the chain should be submitted to the soft these unremittingly are not three days of fishing, two days in the network, the construction of the chain is very important to.


first, you need to wait patiently through new love Shanghai assessment period. We know that no new ranking is very normal, normal love Shanghai assessment period in three months or even six months or so, at this time, you need to do is only to check whether or not to accept the website home page, content page is steady growth, and not only stared at the website ranking, which is not very practical new things, only the continuous accumulation of weight lifting, in order to obtain a higher weight in the later stage, so new our good attitude is very important.

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