Seven companies will never do the boss will never succeed in the ten

these seven companies never do little

1, the pattern of small business

February 1999, Niu Gensheng said to Sun Xianhong: I give you 1 million of the publicity fee, no one to say. Red asked: why can’t you say cattle: now a total of 3 million to raise, out of the advertising for the 1 million, I am afraid that we can not accept after. I’ll have an effect: Hohhot overnight, let people know. So the morning of April 1, 1999, wake up, people suddenly found on both sides of the road out of a bare red billboard, high above the book gold letters: Mengniu Dairy, a Inner Mongolia dairy brand


but in reality, many bosses shoulder brand banner was the name of a small abacus, willing to minor, hope to small investment to get the big reward, never thought to a big investment in exchange for greater returns. This is actually a pattern. The pattern of small boss, would like to always be their own, hoping to eat gold from an egg; and the pattern of the boss, you can focus on the future, in the environment to define their own career.

2, the mentality of small businesses

as the saying goes: good Yi who seek potential, poor Yi who seek child.

the reason why many companies do not, it is only to seek the child does not seek potential. Seeking potential is a strategy, with the strategy, the road will be long, one day will come; no strategy, the more fierce, the sooner the dead. Regardless of the strategic needs of the home, hoping to use 1 cents in exchange for the effect of the principal of $100, it is difficult to get out of the realm of poverty, because it does not represent the realm of cheap. Pull the dead of a city pool, live three years of business, because it does not look up in the sky. Hammer a stick is the East West, live March enterprises, because it does not bow to see. Do not look at the rain day, unaware of it, will be drowned by the flood; at midnight, the cliff to be submerged mountains with vigorous strides.

3, short-sighted enterprise

immediately, under the knife to see food, is the idea of the majority of the boss, of course, this is not wrong, because the current problem is the first to solve the problem. However, the survival problem belongs to the tactical problem, and development is a strategic problem, solve the problem of existence must knife see dishes, but to fix those problems and finally ripe steady development. In reality, many bosses are short-sighted mentality, thought the whole a bright spot immediately in exchange for huge benefits, so an activity goes on or an advertising cast did not see what effect immediately stop.

in fact, this idea is not correct, because the brand is a long-term engineering and system engineering to the enterprise, must have a unique personality, but also need to refine and enhance the system; for customers, the brand is also a kind of cognitive identification and recognition experience, they need you to remember your special reasons, so it is you need to adhere to the demands of points in depth.

4, the lack of brain

has ever said such a thing: in China, the first resource, opportunity second >

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