The old webmaster share five very practical chain method


blog, why there is such a word? The reason is high weight website blog can give your site to bring the weight quite good. At present, Shanghai love weight on the blog also decreased, but we still can use blog to send the chain, it is best to go to the large blog site outside the chain, such as Sina, NetEase, you like, and update the blog to update your own website as a rule, so as to his blog for a certain weight, so as to give their website to weight.

As the saying goes,

four, Links

this morning a website optimization friends asked me why you optimized website has been ranked in the front? You every day how much the chain? In what place to send the chain? "Asked me very depressed, actually does not have the resources to do a website to optimize the hair of the chain, the chain form from the aspects of can be divided into forums, blogs, favorites, quiz, soft, Links etc., these are the most basic common sense, in order to let more grassroots webmaster understand what is outside the chain, then I will give you details of the next.

two, the chain blog

soft outside the chain

soft outside the chain should be said that the effect is good, because the text can be reproduced on other websites, reproduced each other to keep your web site, it will bring you to a lot of the chain. But there is a soft, disadvantage, that is you don’t know your article will be how many websites, if today has twenty website reprint articles, tomorrow is only two, so it is easy to be the search engine that is cheating.

forum outside the chain has been the subject of many webmaster favorite, the reason is the forum outside the chain is very easy to be through, and some high weight forum, you finish the day the chain will be closed. However, now many are strictly prohibited in the forum posts with web site, we use character signature, signature also can take the URL, and the effect of posts as with web site. But because of love after Shanghai algorithm adjustment, and reduce the weight of the forum, so I remind you that in the forum must pay attention to diversity and correlation.

ask the chain first love Shanghai know, we all know that love is giving Shanghai their products weight is very high, but you need to love Shanghai site, high grade account, which requires everyone to raise. In addition, ask, YAHOO knowledge hall, the question and answer is a good question.

Links is very important for those who do not have the time and money of the grassroots webmaster, because he is the key to enhance the grassroots webmaster own website ranking. You want to do Links, you can go with some of the same industry Links group, the webmaster. In addition, you can also go to the Links platform to find Links, Links platform can not only find the link, but Links platform itself is also a place to send the chain.

, a forum outside the chain of

five, ask the chain

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