Weapon of love Shanghai emperor love Shanghai University Marketing


education as a fundamental national development, earlier this year proposed "re poor not poor education, the children suffer not from" is also applicable to the network marketing, the establishment of the University of Shanghai marketing love does make us "children" (refers to enterprises) to feel the charm of education. No doubt the domestic search engine marketing in the blank, too many "copycat" training system, let search engine market confusion, of course, this is the inheritance of the tradition of China’s "copycat" prevailed, love Shanghai marketing University was born, in one fell swoop over other "copycat" training, from this point the establishment of Shanghai University, love marketing is good, but the real intention is to love Shanghai so



Internet is a diversified development of the market, in the news, people贵族宝贝.cn, xinhuanet贵族宝贝 and several other large portals can be comparable to each other; Sina, in the blog, the Sohu Tianya also be roughly the same, in the community, happy net, renren贵族宝贝 also "half catty 82", but in the search engine Shanghai love a single large, apparently such a dominant situation will inhibit the search engine of the development of the industry, the establishment of Shanghai university love marketing fundamentally inhibited 3>

love Shanghai university marketing is the key to explain love Shanghai search engine marketing knowledge, namely SEM, also known as the love of Shanghai bidding. We all know that love is the love of Shanghai according to the Shanghai bid a pay per click user search ranking technique, love Shanghai occupies most of the components in the bidding Shanghai love profit ratio, the average user input to love Shanghai auction, less than a day tens of dollars, more than one day a few million yuan, all over the country so much love Shanghai auction users, so doing one day how many love Shanghai for profit, believe that a price figures. Love Shanghai head Robin Li in just a few years Chinese in mainland China’s richest man, certainly cannot do without so much love in Shanghai for domestic users, also cannot do without a keen to use love Shanghai fans, up love is to love Shanghai Shanghai auction, a support, user who you support

December 14th love Shanghai marketing University was formally established, love Shanghai as a domestic search engine "boss", nearly seventy-five percent of the market share, let it sit tight in the first chair, the establishment of Shanghai university has become a love marketing tool to love Shanghai "emperor", Shanghai is going to love this monopoly all domestic search engine market? 360 comprehensive search even catch up from behind, more than Sogou search market share, but want to love Shanghai and compete, is undoubtedly yiluanjidan, love Shanghai over the years has always been popular, "there is a problem, love Shanghai" has swept the country, although the "3B war" with vigour and vitality have ended, but love Shanghai has been constantly improved, all trying to monopolize the market share, the establishment of Shanghai university love marketing, Love Shanghai will undoubtedly become the weapon of the search engine market monopoly.


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