The use of WordPress website how to buy virtual host suggestions

second Uptime, to consider the performance of the main engine. Especially for the WordPress free site program construction site, need more virtual space to support the performance of Uptime. Although many vendors have introduced their own virtual space space with the stability of more than 99.9%, but most of the virtual host did not reach this point, the owners in the purchase of the virtual host, to other users to inquire and more consultation, so as to confirm the performance of the Uptime virtual host, to decide whether to buy.

third, the host speed parameters. This is an important reference for the choice of virtual host. The access speed and the bandwidth of the virtual host has a close relationship, we should seriously ask before buying this virtual host in telecom or China Unicom set up the main server bandwidth, whether single or double support, usually a single virtual host will be relatively slow in speed, but the price will be relatively cheap, this requires a combination of its own investment the cost of the corresponding selection, usually access faster, more able to get the favor of users.

and the construction of an independent blog, you need a space to store website program and content, usually solve the problem basically is to buy virtual host mode. This method is relatively simple, but the cost is very low, very suitable for personal use. But if the improper selection of the virtual host, the optimization effect not only can enhance the independent blog, or even affect the user experience, resulting in the failure of website operation. This need to choose from the following aspects:

now for a lot of love to engage in independent bloggers, or with certain professional level, and usually love to write something professionals, now through the WordPress to build a personal independence blog, and the idea of making money is very common, and in fact, get a lot of money in this way There are plenty of people who are. For example, in recent years, the popular IT personal independence blog, became a popular way to make money now. Build a IT class independent blog is very difficult, only need to use WordPress free site program, you can easily build a personal independence blog of their own.

first, to choose the appropriate lay space, and to have a large flow and database. Before buying a virtual space, must realize the construction of the direction of their future development, if it is an independent blog, it is not necessary to choose a large space, often hundreds of megabytes can be, but need more traffic flow at the same time online. And a large space in the database, which helps web content accumulation, but also can achieve more people access, to prevent because the flow of people caused by too much web site problems. Also at the time of purchase, do not be fooled by unlimited, unlimited and limited bandwidth are two different things, the former basically all the virtual host will not limit, but the bandwidth is often better, because it will affect the user access speed,

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