Liu Dan a few bad habits away from the Shanghai Dragon

, a indulging algorithm, ignoring the basic operation.

on a large number of websitesIn

A5, Shanghai dragon why forum, after a regular update every week, there will be a large number of practitioners in the post, consult everybody updated. If you feel a lot of users say the rankings off, so that a large number of sites of Shanghai love to punish, the so-called such a dark day.

imagine, a sophisticated search engine often heavily modified algorithm? No matter where it is not possible to. Practical experience of Shanghai dragon Er are rarely say algorithm, is precisely the entrant who love the most real out algorithm theory, to show their skill. This will only make you more biased on the road, and ignored the most basic operation of Shanghai dragon. Notice, the basic operation of the decision of the ninety percent ranking, the rest is some advanced strategies and thinking.

three, link exchange only PR>

do not know you have not thought about an objective problem, the number of search engine rankings are unchanged, page ten is still ranked ten, regardless of how to change the number of the same. Then, a website ranking down, a website ranking up. This is no doubt, a carrot a pit, a walk, there will be a fill. In this sense, the number of website ranking drop, there are many website rankings. So, how can get an update is love Shanghai punished a large number of websites, obviously this logic is absurd, not because of the people surveyed sites are out, means that the entire ranking dropped. Unless the day in search of love in Shanghai, the results are not what. This is obviously not possible.

I do not know this habit from the beginning of what is more likely, some of the so-called "master" who misled many people, every time the number change, there is always someone exclaimed: "love Shanghai and the new algorithm", look at the forum, see webmaster group and Shanghai dragon group, basically as long as a variable ranking there is, "algorithm theory" came out, threatening the search engine algorithm change, what is more, some of the so-called "expert", can give you a list of the specific circumstances of copious and fluent each update algorithm. This "God" is not in the minority. Honestly, I really don’t know how he lists these so-called change algorithm, and basically every similar let you think it is right, every time to. But basically you are still not finished.

in the daily operation of the site in the process, because of our access to information, learning Shanghai dragon in different ways, directly led to the many detours and dead end situation, and this situation is very common. A good habit can directly determine the Shanghai dragon operation optimization effect, now say Shanghai Longfeng common bad habits, hope to bring some help.

two, one-sided thought love Shanghai to punish

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